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We provide a series of high-quality sheet metal services with a well management and skillful techniques. Up to now, sheet metal is one of the fundamental forms used in metalworking. Also, it is a machining method that is used for everyday applications. With our professional services, you can produce great results for most demanding projects. Contact us for a quote.

What is Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal is a thin, flat piece of metal formed during an industrial process. Also, it is a process where pieces of sheet metal are modified to its geometry rather than removing any materials. The applied process generates the possibility to bend and stretch the materials into a variety of complex shapes. 

History of Sheet Metal

It is said that sheet metal is an ancient art. There are witnesses that, already millennia before Christ, metals were known and worked. It is easy to understand that it is extremely complex due to its evolution depending on chemical, physical and technological etc. As you see, the sheet metal history has accompanied human civility’s, substantially taking part in its development. Since ancient times it has in fact always played a primary role in all technological progresses, contributing in them but taking advantage of them. 

Materials of Sheet Metal

There are a variety of principles on how can regard as raw materials in the process of sheet metal. If we select the materials, we are supposed to follow the principles as below:

  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Good conductor of heat and electricity
  • Easy to form other shapes
  • Withstand many aggressive chemicals and acids

What’s more, interestingly we have listed the commonly used raw materials in the process of it according to the historical occurrence of the implementation.

  • Gold & Silver
  • Copper & Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium alloys

Process of Sheet Metal

There are three major steps of the whole process of sheet metal working

  • Cutting

Cutting is the use of shearing forces to remove material from a work piece. There are several kinds of cutting forms such as waterjet, laser, oxygen cutting, plasma cutting etc. 

  • Bending

Bending is the forming of a sheet metal work about an axis. It can give strength to sheet metal

  • Deep Drawing

Advantages of Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is able to constantly evolve meeting rapidly the needs that variable socio-economic conditions requested in the various ages, improving, thanks to its flexibility and cheapness, life conditions. We list some strength that sheet metal could bring to us.

  • Thinness and low in weight can be transported easily
  • Durability and Good dimensional accuracy
  • High tensile and compressive strength
  • Good resistance

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